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Drinking in the Dark

Lisa Yves
Lisa Yves


Featured in the 2008 movie, Green River and in the live off Broadway play, Bartender.

I was a Freshman at NYU and used to play the piano in the basement of Brittany Hall whenever I got inspired.  Those days, it was a lot!

Ironically, I did play in a lot of divey piano bars in NYC where I encountered people whose lives were similar to the subject of my song.


It's been a long day and I've got to unwind
Put down my briefcase and loosen my tie
Hey Mister, have you got a light
So I can smoke a cigarette on this lonely night?

Hey bartender, can you pour me a drink? Scotch!
I'm feeling restless and I don't want to think
I would appreciate a kindly remark when I'm
drinking in the dark.

Nobody loves me, that's the way that it seems
And when I'm sleeping, I'm haunted by my dreams
I may have given up the life I could have led
But what have I got instead?

I've got a dreary job from nine until five
That pays a measly wage that keeps me alive
And my apartment's always empty and bare
Hey mister bartender, do you care?

Sinatra's on the radio, I love to hear him sing
It seem that I'm the only one who's ever listening
And maybe tomorrow I'll go walking through the park instead of drinking in the dark.

I really wish you'd turn the lamp down low
and pour yourself a drink before I go
I just can't seem to face the morning light
so I'm drinking in the dark tonight

Oh yeah, I'm drinking in the dark tonight.

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