Lisa Yves


Sunny Skies

Lisa Yves
Lisa Yves


I wrote this Bluegrass tune after a visit to Florida.  I drove to Jupiter and really enjoyed the trip.  The song is about feeling good and being positive.



I’m heading down South and gonna

Get the band together

Take a ride to Jupiter

Now everything is alright

Especially the weather

Gotta give a hand to her


 (It’s) sunny skies

 ‘Steada pouring rain

Cause the future’s will be full of joy

 ‘When you let go of the pain

Ay ay ay let’s take a ride

Ay ay ay to sunny skies


Dark clouds overhead                                 

Seem to be lifting

Must be a gift to me

Cause giving means getting

Happiness and I’m letting

It all flow so easily, like




And sometimes a little rain must fall

But you know it’s gonna help the flowers grow

Ay ay ay let’s take a ride to sunny skies


Some days it feels so good

To get yourself together                                          

And take a ride to Jupiter


Oh, Sunny skies….