Lisa Yves


You Haunt Me

Lisa Yves
Lisa Yves


I wrote this song during my creative flow for the Jazz for Kids project. It has always been a favorite of mine!


You haunt me with your mysterious ways
You haunt me, it’s just a sad little gaze
But something in your eyes
Makes me foolish and unwise
And soon I’m hypnotized by your charms

You haunt me, and I fall to my knees
You haunt me, like a fatal disease
You strike when I am down
And you keep on hanging ‘round
And my heart becomes unwound because you haunt me

Oh, I have so much feeling for you
I don’t adore you
In fact I wish you’d disappear
Although I can’t live my life without you
It’s all about you, that’s why

You’ll haunt me until the end of my days
You haunt me, it’s not a casual phrase
You haunt me ever still
I know you always will
Oh please release me from this thrill
You haunt me