An immersive journey awaits you, seamlessly blending captivating storytelling, visual aesthetics, the enchantment of theater, and the profound resonance of memory’s power. For more information:

‘Painting Life in Pictures’ project by Visual Artist Yochi Yakir-Avin, and Theater Writer Lisa Yves, seamlessly blends arts with theater, to create an immersive experience that sparks nostalgia and introspection. Yochi Yakir-Avin, a multidisciplinary artist, creates installation of oversize nostalgic images on sheer fabric, as part of her ongoing Memory Project. Lisa Yves, a skilled artist in songwriting, theater, and music, contributes a play to the project, enhancing its depth. This collaboration pushes artistic boundaries, harnessing the transformative power of art to connect and provoke thought. By bringing together artists from different disciplines, the project showcases the richness of artistic diversity and offers audiences an unforgettable journey into the human experience.

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