When Time Stood Still

Swanson & Yves

Original songs for singers like Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Karen Carpenter, Seth MacFarlane, KD Lang, Duets and solos that tug at the heartstrings and evoke strong feelings and emotions. Beautiful musical arrangements and powerful female and male vocals.

Songwriting duos often come about by happenstance, bonded by a similar creative spirit, but each bringing a unique element that combines to form it's own chemistry. R Keith Swanson and Lisa Yves met 18 years ago through ASCAP's songwriter's connection, one living in New York/London and the other living in Boston. Though the years they composed over 40 songs, starting first with their roots in jazz and musical theater, and then expanding into pop, country, rock and holiday songs. Though their creative collaboration has taken them down many roads together, they have only been in the same room once since meeting, composing all of their music remotely with the help of technology. Having created a substantial body of work as a co-writing team, with R Keith as the lyricist and Lisa as the composer (and often times the female vocalist), they have come together to release their first album, a collection of 14 of their songs, spanning genres called, When Time Stood Still; a long awaited calling card that they hope brings as much joy and inspiration to the listener as they felt in writing and producing the various songs.

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