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My latest album  available now!  Nineteenseventyfive

I came of age in the transition between the end of the disco era and the beginning of classic rock- TURNTABLES AND VINYL. My influences were 70s and 80s music. 1975 was the year I became aware of my own ability to create music. I would spend most of the day at the piano playing and singing every piece of sheet music I could find. I had a keen ear, so I could figure out most songs. I started writing songs around that time as well. These songs are reflective of that era but with a modern touch. Produced and co-written with my brother Lenny Sukienik.  The magic of our collaboration stems back to our childhood when we used to play music, listen to music and talk about music. 

Lenny introduced me to the Beatles, Billy Joel, Queen, Meatloaf and so many others. 

Nineteenseventyfive is our third album together. It is different in the sense that the music is deeply rooted in the concept of having fun and really enjoying life. As always the songs are autobiographical in a very subtle way. They reflect my philosophy on life which talks about making sure you enjoy the GOOD TIMES, working hard at a relationship by using some ELBOW GREASE to make it great, the importance of parental encouragement - MAMA TOLD ME, not settling in your relationships -YO! LISTEN, and always making sure you do the things you love in life- SIDE HUSTLE   Find your HAPPY PLACE! 

Give me 21 minutes of your time and enjoy my Nineteenseventyfive. 

The cover art is by a young artist named Layla Gorgoni.  Special thanks to Crit Harmon for lending his fine guitar parts.


For the full album please go to CDbaby, Apple music, Spotify, etc.

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Lisa Yves

Combining her roots in jazz, 70's music, soul, and classic rock, Lisa brings her big vocals to these fun, upbeat and sassy messages to have good times and respect for yourself. Self produced with Lenny Sukienik, it's 21 minutes of feel good!

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